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    Expertise and resources jointly developed

    Talent is the enterprise development and competitiveness of the country. Ganges petrochemical talent, as the primary resource for enterprises to rely on talent as the fundamental premise of enterprise development, and respect for talent as a fundamental principle of the development of enterprises, to promote enterprise and staff development as the fundamental task of the human resources strategy. In the practice of human resources, the Ganges petrochemical good for all kinds of talents to fully display their talents on the stage, so that their talent before they make the best use. Through a variety of effective ways to continuously improve the comprehensive quality of corporate human resources management level and talent to promote the mutual development of the enterprise and its employees, and employees to share the fruits of enterprise development and achieve common development, and sharing success.

    Their talent was the best use of

    Henghe  petrochemical adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy, adhere to the broad prospects for development of cohesion, and to motivate people with a better career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective mechanism for talented people to create a positive environment of the growth of talent, committed to provide a fully display their talent for every employee have to be successful, and continue to create opportunities for personal development, so that all kinds of talents, to achieve opportunities of self-worth and platforms.

    On the employer, the Ganges petrochemical insist on respect for talent, respect for the concept of creation, not only academic focus on ability not only the level of diploma heavy, employers look at the character, look at the performance, look at capacity. Through the establishment of a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment, and fully mobilize every employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, so that the employees love their jobs and do their best to achieve an appropriate occasion, things fitness of their people, their talent, make the best use.

    Common development and share success

    Staff for their efforts on business success, business success, there will not be the success of the employees. Employees and businesses grow together, common development, the Ganges Sinopec has consistently adhered to the talent development concept. The Ganges the petrochemical encourage employees to own development with the company long-term planning, to provide staff with a variety of route to growth and development models. Staff development to enhance the value of the platform, the Ganges petrochemical efforts to create a good growing conditions for each employee, determined for each one taught employees provide a broad space for development, so that employees can play the greatest potential, achieve the common development of employees and enterprises.

    Henghe petrochemical insist on equality and the concept of caring talent. Status differences between people, only different responsibilities. Companies respect the personality and the pursuit of the employees, encourage employees to enhance their ability to recognize the achievements of employees. At the same time, adhere to rely on staff development, development of employees, the concept of development results and sharing of staff, focusing on both the enterprise and its employees interests taking into account, promote corporate staff unity and work together to create and share value, and ultimately the enterprise and its employees. common development and share the success of a win-win situation.




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