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    Message from the President:
    Henghe Petrochemical Since its inception, pay close attention to production and management, and actively expand the international and domestic markets, and vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of products, the rapid development of domestic varieties is the most comprehensive and largest, best quality, C5, C9 petroleum resin manufacturers.
    Company always adhere to "people-oriented" management thinking; advocacy "ability and integrity, educational qualifications more weight capacity, heavy diploma is more important level, re-experience of re-innovation, in any post more than others do very well is the talent," the concept of employment; actively create a "democratic, civilized, harmonious work environment; shape of" unity, progressive, dedication, innovation and values. Always seek the common prosperity of the enterprise and its employees, and common progress and common development.
    The company will focus on product development of high-end petroleum resin, to create a petroleum resin widely used in more new areas; by continuing to optimize the product process, saving energy, improve product quality, providing the industry with quality products of the green for the create a harmonious society to make its due contribution.
    All of our staff to recognize each person's own work affects the company's future development, so we have to fulfill their duties and threw himself into work; should always forge ahead, deliberately refinement, perseverance; always maintain a down-to-earth style of work; do best, the pursuit of perfection.
      We are a team full of combat, my confidence in the future, confidence in all of us! Let us join hands together and hard work to promote sustainable and healthy development, to realize their life dreams!

    Henghe Petrochemical Chairman: Mengjun Yang


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